Pink Lipstick

SO MUCH EXCITEMENT happening in our MK world!!!!

It’s the end of our year 6/30, my team and I are wrapping up our FIRST PINK Cadillac 😱😱😱 what does that mean? It means that over the last year, we have been able to “touch” more women virtually than we ever could face to face. That we are able to spread the MK love & products over state lines, and meet more incredible women.              
BUT, we still have a ways to go. We are 450 skin care sets away from completing this HUGE goal. How can you help?                 
  1. Share my MK posts, cheer us on virtually, comment & tag friends. Become part of my VIP group
  2.  Get you some MK products! Order, Pre-order, stock up, try different items. 
  4. Host a virtual MK party- it’s so fun, easy, and connects me with all your friends all over the USA.                              
  5. Join me in the fun! Start the summer with a side gig! Make some fun $$ and save on your own products! Join the girl tribe called Dream Team ❤️❤️❤️
Mary Beth Pink Cadillac
Peek into Pink Mary Kay

Peek into Pink!

We can all agree, that after this past year, after all the pivoting, shifting, and changing we did, that being open to learning about a new opportunity is imperative.

After the year that turned us upside down, we can pause, and evaluate what we really want, and what we really need for our family.

With that in mind, I would LOVE to share a little bit more about what I do with MK and get you entered to win cash and prizes!!

Pick a video from the link below and watch it, then complete the google doc below the video. You will be entered into cash and prize drawings just for giving your opinion!!

50% Profit Always
Mary Kay Mothers Day 2021

Mother’s Day ❤️

I researched the history of Mother’s Day, I had no idea about this story, did you know?
Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, whose mother had organized women’s groups to promote friendship and health, originated Mother’s Day. On May 12, 1907, she held a memorial service at her late mother’s church in Grafton, West Virginia. Within five years virtually every state was observing the day, and in 1914 U.S. Pres. Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday. 

– Britannia 

I love that she created this holiday to recognize one of the hardest jobs of all time! Being a mother!! This holiday is a way of honoring the sacrifices mother’s have made for their children. Why would be not spoil our mother’s on this special day? 
As your custom gift creator, I have created a few timeless gifts that any mother would enjoy. 
Imagine scheduling 3-4 hours alone for her on Mother’s Day to relax, enjoy a quiet house, and pamper herself using these products! 
If you need a home run idea- here it is! 
These examples range from $40 to $149
They are customized just for your mother ❤️ *Must place your order before 4/30 
Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask me- I’m here to help! 

MB’s Wine-Down, Wednesday Chat

Let’s talk about failure, perceived failure, or fear of failure during this edition of Wine down Wednesday. 
Here’s my very scientific diagram drawing I reference during the video 😂😂 
Failure bullseye

Willie Meat! (Mississippi Pot Roast)

My neighbor called & told me he had a really good pot roast recipe and wanted me to try it… I was blown away at the taste and flavor! 
Of course I want to make it for my family which turned out to be a hit. The whole neighborhood now makes it, and the new name is now “Willie meat“. Yes, some people call it Mississippi pot roast, but not in our cul-de-sac 😂 We give props to the one who introduced us to this delicious recipe.
My family likes it served with buttered egg noodles, pouring the meat and liquid on top. Willie and his family love it with mashed potatoes I’ve even heard some people enjoying it with white rice. During keto or whole 30, I made some cauliflower rice to have with it. Long story short, it’s ALL good!! 
You must give it a try- I bet it will be your family favorite too. Let me know your thoughts! 
law of attraction

Law of Attraction

  • Have you heard of the law of attraction?
  • Did you watch The Secret
  • Have you ever attracted exactly What you want or desire into manifestation?Over the last 15 years in business, I’ve leaned quite a lot in this subject, but I always wanted to understand more. On a scientific level, why does this happen? Why does this work?

I’m not one to believe in “fluff” or “it is because it is” so why? Why does this work? I wanted streamline these answers, and share 3 key points to why the law of attraction works, and how you can have it working for you:


The law of attraction

New Faces, Self Introduction and Inside Scoop on MBDulin

Hi friends, 
We have some new faces so I wanted to introduce myself and get you the inside scoop on MBDulin. Here are 3 fun facts about me:

I am a boy mom of 2 #dulin boys…

an almost 13 year old son, and a 10 year old. they are currently doing some digital school action, but fingers crossed, we may be diving into hybrid soon!!! they are both in love with gaming- especially minecraft. I’m going with the assumption, that this is going to increase their chances of computer programming as they get older and think about careers! LOL! have some awesome mommy friends? share this email with them so they can join the fun!

I love to GROW!!!!

I believe that growth is a part of life, if you aren’t growing your dying… so I work on my growth daily. My biggest focus is to grow as an entrepreneur building everything you see on my website: my personal brand, my sales business, coaching my team, my community, and the way I think. That last one is KEY! without focusing on your brain, and how you think, nothing else will grow. YOU are a part of the community growth- Thank you!!

3 things I’m in LOVE with : 

  1. Reading, especially romance books taking place in the late 1700’s Hello Bridgerton
  2. Coffee and Vodka. one for the morning, one for Happy hour, balance my friends, its all about balance- LOL
  3. Peloton app- no I don’t have the full Peloton bike… I’ve never spun, so I couldn’t justify getting one without making sure I loved it, I got a knock off and figured out I’m in LOVE… It’s next on my list!!! I do love the app though, because you can take it outside on walks, you can spin with it, and you can do weights, yoga and stretching!!!!
Thanks for visiting, Pink hugs, MB
Air Fryer Chicken

The Constant Nags of My Pandemic Life: Dishes, Dinner and Laundry

Guys…. I feel like laundry, dishes, and dinner are my constant nags… EVERY day of my life! It’s intensified big time through this pandemic… My 2 #dulinboys eat SO MUCH, constantly!!!
So, when I catch a good recipe or a good tip to lighten that load, I hold onto them tight, and share them with you.
Here’s a #tiptuesday and a recipe Im obsessed with:
Tip Tuesday- Plan a food swap night with your neighbors: We coordinated that on Wednesday we all make 2x of the same dish. We then package one family’s helping to go for a neighbor. With this plan, we eat our own dish on Wednesday, but deliver a full dish to our friends for them to have a meal (that they didn’t have to make) on Thursday!
A key point to this plan…. make sure you have friends who know how to cook (even just a little LOL) And of course, make sure that you feel comfortable eating from their house. Other than those two stipulations, This sounds amazing!!
We have a tight group of moms in our neighborhood, the #sisterwives who I’m doing this with. I’ll update you on how it’s going over the next few weeks!
RECIPE: I made this dish last night, and it was showstopper!! EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE loved it! Super easy and a great add into the weekly meal collection
I made it with pasta and sauce for the boys, and sautéed zucchini for me. I also included a little caprese salad, because YUM!
I have no helpful tips for Laundry or dishes this week… they continue to be the bane of my existence. If you have any tips to add, comment below!.
5 things Friday

Happy Friday #5ThingsFriday

This month I’ll share with you my #5thingsfriday each Friday… Enjoy this past week, the LOVE edition ❤️


I saw this idea on FB, and started it for my boys!! Each day I write something I love about them on a heart and tape it to their bathroom door. It’s the 1st thing they see in the morning. More importantly, it’s a daily affirmation for them to read and remember during their day!


I LOVE these hair products! My hair is pretty limp and lacking of body…. but with this combo- it has volume and makes me feel like a rockstar! 
Do you have a favorite hair product?


I LOVE qualifying for gifts!!! When it’s something that I can use and I don’t have to pay for it… AND it’s a reward given to me for a job well done?! Well… that just fills my cup!!
Here are my new latest gifts for working my biz. 💕💕💕 


I love being a part of something bigger than just me. 

Over the past 15 years, I have built my Dream Team in my biz- who are so much more than just team members, they have become part of my family, we have gone through so much life together… it’s such a HUGE piece of why I love my biz ❤️

I’m also a part of a BNI ( business networking international) & YPN (young professional network) group. These 2 groups have provided new friends, new contacts and more connections in the community- I love how we are excited to help each other in any way we can. It’s also so motivating to be with other like minded professionals who don’t do what I do. We all bring so many new ideas and experiences to the table! 


I LOVE reading- or- listening to books…. And an occasional Netflix binge!
So for my final #5thingsfriday… it’s  Bridgerton… or more specifically The Duke ❤️😍
I’m currently listening to the books, and I binged the whole series in 2 days!!!
Have you watched it yet??? If not, GO! NOW!