WOW Lashes with Mary Kay

Your Mary Kay® Mascara Wardrobe

WOW Lashes with Mary Kay

So excited that I get to choose between all these fab-u-lash mascaras to celebrate #NationalLashDay

Did you know…. Every 3 months you should change your mascara? This should happen even when it’s still full. We don’t want bacteria to grow in our mascara and touch our lashes getting close to our sensitive eyes.

To help remember when to replace your mascara, I have created the Mascara Club.

Mary Beth Dulin - The Mascara Club

A new mascara will be auto shipped to you every 3 months along with samples- no need to think about re-ordering all year!

Check out this video for all the details:

Mary Kay Essential Brush Collection

Better beauty begins with better brushes!

With this five-piece brush set, I can create a range of gorgeous makeup looks. Plus, the portable clutch makes it easy to brush up while I’m on the go.

Want to stand them up in your bathroom?

Check out this brush holder:

Which makeup brush is your beauty bestie? #MKBesties

One of my #MKbesties is the cream shadow brush. I can use it with the liquid shadow, with my concealer AND applying my under eye corrector. It’s the best all purpose brush… so…..I have two!!

Another Favorite is my liquid foundation brush. This applies my foundation so smoothly and even. I can create an airbrushed look or a natural look based on how many layers of foundation I layer on with the brush. This brush paired with the foundation primer are the keys to flawless makeup all day.

Lastly- please don’t forget to wash your brushes!! A weekly wash is important, as is a monthly deep clean.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes - MB Dulin

The Best Way
To Clean Your
Makeup Brushes

A Century of Fitness With Peloton App & Bike

9 months ago I got a knock off bike and the @onepeloton app. I started spinning only because some friends were doing it and it seemed like a great way to work out at home. 2 months later I upgraded to my peloton bike… OHHHH what a difference!!
I’ve never been a spinner, I’ve never been all that consistent with working out, BUT I LOVE tracking and results! Thanks to the app & bike, I’ve averaged 3x spins per week for 9 months, and yesterday I got a shoutout for my century ride!
Thanks to my competitive friends who pushed me to do better because of the damn Leaderboard! Thanks to my cult-like-pelo-neighborhood who pushed me to make this purchase ( peer pressure at its best 🤪)
I’m 100% drinking the koolaid and loving the results #peloton #pelotonbike #obsessedspinner #narrowthunder
Hydration Happiness

So you have a fabulous skincare routine!

You wash and hydrate your skin daily and have some anti gaining boosters. But still, you would love a level of advancement that brings your skin care pampering to a spa level.

Sure visiting a spa for a facial is a treat! But most of us don’t have the time to schedule that 1-2x per month.


Introducing our Hydrasession: a layered cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating spa style pampering that will surly stack up against your best spa treatment! Watch our interactive FB live tutorial to follow along with samples on this spa style journey. Your face will love you for this anti aging pampering that will leave you looking younger! Request access to the group and your free beauty bag today. 

Beauty Sleep Sunday

Have you ever wanted to learn what products are best for your skin?

Have you wanted a tutorial on HOW and WHY we use certain products in conjunction with others?
Have you wanted a FULLY visual, comprehensive, step by step walk through of how to apply and remove the products? 
Welcome to Beauty Sleep Sunday! This interactive FB live event will walk you thought how to use the samples in your complimentary beauty bag to pamper your face. Learn new techniques and applications during this fun, engaging FB live… and the best part? Nobody sees you- so you can be in your PJs! 
Request access and your free beauty bag today.
Daily Gratuity

Daily Gratuity

“..Research has found that people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:” – Who Not How- Dan Sullivan   
Look at these benefits!!! I want these in my life daily! Why are we not spewing out gratitude all day every day?! Gratitude attracts and creates abundance 🙌🏻
Have you considered writing down what you are grateful for each morning to begin your day? Maybe scheduling a pause mid day to jot it down? What kind of change would that bring to your life? Your business? 
Some interesting thoughts for your Tuesday morning ❤️
Look at these benefits
Deven's Deals

Schedule your Glam Slam session with me, virtually or in person for July!

Happy New Year! 

July 1st begins the new fiscal year for my business, the clock is set at zero and the slate is wiped clean- what a feeling!! 
To begin this year on the right foot, I have partnered with a local networker who has some amazing local deals to offer. 
I’m advertising with her, and partnering with some of her clients for events. 
My spotlight “Deven’s Deal” is $25 to spend on any products you love at your complimentary Glam Slam Appointment. This is the perfect time to refresh your makeup techniques and products… post pandemic! 
Check out all here deals here: 
Glam Slam Tutorial
Pink Lipstick

SO MUCH EXCITEMENT happening in our MK world!!!!

It’s the end of our year 6/30, my team and I are wrapping up our FIRST PINK Cadillac 😱😱😱 what does that mean? It means that over the last year, we have been able to “touch” more women virtually than we ever could face to face. That we are able to spread the MK love & products over state lines, and meet more incredible women.              
BUT, we still have a ways to go. We are 450 skin care sets away from completing this HUGE goal. How can you help?                 
  1. Share my MK posts, cheer us on virtually, comment & tag friends. Become part of my VIP group
  2.  Get you some MK products! Order, Pre-order, stock up, try different items. 
  4. Host a virtual MK party- it’s so fun, easy, and connects me with all your friends all over the USA.                              
  5. Join me in the fun! Start the summer with a side gig! Make some fun $$ and save on your own products! Join the girl tribe called Dream Team ❤️❤️❤️
Mary Beth Pink Cadillac
Peek into Pink Mary Kay

Peek into Pink!

We can all agree, that after this past year, after all the pivoting, shifting, and changing we did, that being open to learning about a new opportunity is imperative.

After the year that turned us upside down, we can pause, and evaluate what we really want, and what we really need for our family.

With that in mind, I would LOVE to share a little bit more about what I do with MK and get you entered to win cash and prizes!!

Pick a video from the link below and watch it, then complete the google doc below the video. You will be entered into cash and prize drawings just for giving your opinion!!

50% Profit Always