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5 Tips to Your Perfect Headshot

Scott Cech profile photoNeed a new head shot? DON’T, I repeat DON’T take or use a selfie!!!  Instead, hire a photographer and use these tips.
Scott Cech does a fantastic job finding and creating the “look” you want to portray.

Here are five tips to your perfect headshot:

  1. Use foundation and concealer if you have it and feel comfortable using it. Evening out skin tone is professional looking, and gives a polished finish to your face.
  2. Powder, or translucent powder is your friend!!! It’s super important to mattifying any oil.  we don’t want your face to shine.
  3. Use a bit more makeup ( cheer/ bronzer/ eyeshadow/ eyeliner / mascara) than normal- you will have a lot of natural ( or created) light to brighten you up! We want your features to pop. I also recommend a bright lip!
  4. Wear a solid colored shirt, if you have something with a fun neckline that can give some interest, think jewelry to add visual interest as well!
  5. Angles are your friend- you don’t want to pose head on, completely straight to the camera! P.S. best to use a professional! For both your photographer AND makeup artist. 
Scott and I have worked together many times, we are your secret weapon for head shots!
Here are a some examples of our work together:
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