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Meal Planning

As we wrap up January, I wanted to share a technique that gives me so much calm during the week at dinner time… meal planning 💪🏻

I hate the feeling at 2pm on said weekday of “what am I making for dinner? Do I have the ingredients? Do I have to go to the store?” All of that is eliminated when I plan on Sunday for the week! Here’s my tips to a seamless meal plan:

  1.  Check the grocery store flyer for sales
  2. Pinterest ideas based on the protein on sale
  3. Think about what your kids will actually eat 😂😂
  4. Plan easy meals for the evenings that are busier, and more “homey” meals for less chaotic evenings.
  5. Incorporate the slow cooker or instant pot at least 1x week!
  6. Have a go to list of dinners that your family loves, to refer back to!
  7. Try and grocery shop only 1x week- guys SUCH a time and $ saver!!  

    Have any tips to add? Hope this helps with YOUR weekly planning ❤️
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