5 things Friday

Happy Friday #5ThingsFriday

This month I’ll share with you my #5thingsfriday each Friday… Enjoy this past week, the LOVE edition ❤️


I saw this idea on FB, and started it for my boys!! Each day I write something I love about them on a heart and tape it to their bathroom door. It’s the 1st thing they see in the morning. More importantly, it’s a daily affirmation for them to read and remember during their day!


I LOVE these hair products! My hair is pretty limp and lacking of body…. but with this combo- it has volume and makes me feel like a rockstar! 
Do you have a favorite hair product?


I LOVE qualifying for gifts!!! When it’s something that I can use and I don’t have to pay for it… AND it’s a reward given to me for a job well done?! Well… that just fills my cup!!
Here are my new latest gifts for working my biz. 💕💕💕 


I love being a part of something bigger than just me. 

Over the past 15 years, I have built my Dream Team in my biz- who are so much more than just team members, they have become part of my family, we have gone through so much life together… it’s such a HUGE piece of why I love my biz ❤️

I’m also a part of a BNI ( business networking international) & YPN (young professional network) group. These 2 groups have provided new friends, new contacts and more connections in the community- I love how we are excited to help each other in any way we can. It’s also so motivating to be with other like minded professionals who don’t do what I do. We all bring so many new ideas and experiences to the table! 


I LOVE reading- or- listening to books…. And an occasional Netflix binge!
So for my final #5thingsfriday… it’s  Bridgerton… or more specifically The Duke ❤️😍
I’m currently listening to the books, and I binged the whole series in 2 days!!!
Have you watched it yet??? If not, GO! NOW!

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