Wine down Wednesday meets Cinco de Mayo… Which drink is going to win? ???

I was at a networking event last night my first face-to-face in over a year! Hello people!
Take a peek at my video to hear all about my wine down Wednesday.
Want to hear an epic tip I learned at this event?!?? 
There is a “lipstick saver” mask insert you can use to 
1. Save your lipstick and gloss from smudgeing 
2. if you wear glasses this prevents fogging
My mind is BLOWN! Check it out here: 
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Willie Meat! (Mississippi Pot Roast)

My neighbor called & told me he had a really good pot roast recipe and wanted me to try it… I was blown away at the taste and flavor! 
Of course I want to make it for my family which turned out to be a hit. The whole neighborhood now makes it, and the new name is now “Willie meat“. Yes, some people call it Mississippi pot roast, but not in our cul-de-sac 😂 We give props to the one who introduced us to this delicious recipe.
My family likes it served with buttered egg noodles, pouring the meat and liquid on top. Willie and his family love it with mashed potatoes I’ve even heard some people enjoying it with white rice. During keto or whole 30, I made some cauliflower rice to have with it. Long story short, it’s ALL good!! 
You must give it a try- I bet it will be your family favorite too. Let me know your thoughts! 
Air Fryer Chicken

The Constant Nags of My Pandemic Life: Dishes, Dinner and Laundry

Guys…. I feel like laundry, dishes, and dinner are my constant nags… EVERY day of my life! It’s intensified big time through this pandemic… My 2 #dulinboys eat SO MUCH, constantly!!!
So, when I catch a good recipe or a good tip to lighten that load, I hold onto them tight, and share them with you.
Here’s a #tiptuesday and a recipe Im obsessed with:
Tip Tuesday- Plan a food swap night with your neighbors: We coordinated that on Wednesday we all make 2x of the same dish. We then package one family’s helping to go for a neighbor. With this plan, we eat our own dish on Wednesday, but deliver a full dish to our friends for them to have a meal (that they didn’t have to make) on Thursday!
A key point to this plan…. make sure you have friends who know how to cook (even just a little LOL) And of course, make sure that you feel comfortable eating from their house. Other than those two stipulations, This sounds amazing!!
We have a tight group of moms in our neighborhood, the #sisterwives who I’m doing this with. I’ll update you on how it’s going over the next few weeks!
RECIPE: I made this dish last night, and it was showstopper!! EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE loved it! Super easy and a great add into the weekly meal collection
I made it with pasta and sauce for the boys, and sautéed zucchini for me. I also included a little caprese salad, because YUM!
I have no helpful tips for Laundry or dishes this week… they continue to be the bane of my existence. If you have any tips to add, comment below!.
chicken pot pie

Meal Planning

As we wrap up January, I wanted to share a technique that gives me so much calm during the week at dinner time… meal planning 💪🏻

I hate the feeling at 2pm on said weekday of “what am I making for dinner? Do I have the ingredients? Do I have to go to the store?” All of that is eliminated when I plan on Sunday for the week! Here’s my tips to a seamless meal plan:

  1.  Check the grocery store flyer for sales
  2. Pinterest ideas based on the protein on sale
  3. Think about what your kids will actually eat 😂😂
  4. Plan easy meals for the evenings that are busier, and more “homey” meals for less chaotic evenings.
  5. Incorporate the slow cooker or instant pot at least 1x week!
  6. Have a go to list of dinners that your family loves, to refer back to!
  7. Try and grocery shop only 1x week- guys SUCH a time and $ saver!!  

    Have any tips to add? Hope this helps with YOUR weekly planning ❤️