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Pam Long Photography

Our 40 over 40 Project is in full swing! Our Project wouldn’t be complete without introducing our newest member of our team! Please welcome our makeup artist Mary Beth Dulin! Mary Beth comes to us with over 15 years of makeup artistry experience and will highlight your beauty and confidence during your Beautiful You session. She lights up a room wherever she is and has a natural ability to put people at ease. As a mom of two boys, a successful entrepreneur, and an active member of the community, she wears many hats. And wears them well.

In addition to Mary Beth partnering with us on our 40 Over 40 Project, some of my headshot clients and high school seniors are benefitting from her superior services as well. I’m glad she’s with us, not only is she a talented make up artist, but a phenomenal and positive person – a vibe that we continually strive for at Pam Long Photography!   

“I am so excited to partner with Pam on this incredible project showing women their true beauty inside and out through her pictures.” 

 – Mary Beth Dulin
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3 makeup mistakes NOT TO MAKE on your wedding day

The last thing you want to do, is look back in 25 years and see a picture from your wedding day and think to yourself, ” wow…. that was SOOOO 2020″ We’ve all have done this at pictures from the ’80’s and ’90’s. Lets stop that mistake in its tracks!

Mistake #1: DON’T THINK YOU CAN DO IT ALL!!! you can’t coordinate 7,000 pieces going at once, get ready on time, micromanage everyone, and still apply your makeup looking flawless…. Just leave it to the professional. You can’t easily control the consistency of all of your brides maids makeup looks!

Mistake #2: Make sure you use the correct products!!! Primer, correct foundation color, setting powder, setting spray, The lights and cameras will show everything! We can’t have shine, we can’t have glare! You certainly don’t want to sweat your makeup off!!! This is knowledge that your makeup artist can help you with.

Mistake #3: DON’T look washed out! You need to wear ENOUGH makeup! Make sure you are highlighting your favorite features.


3 Tips to GREAT wedding day makeup:

Tip 1: SKIN CAREEEEEEEEE gotta take great care of your skin! Take this time while we are at home to treat yo’self!

Tip 2:  Timeless makeup. See above… I don’t need to repeat 1980…. LOL!

Tip 3. Feel like yourself, Yes we will use a bit more than normal, but you still need to feel comfortable in your own skin. If you think false lashes are going to bug your eyes, don’t wear them, it will be the perfect balance of enough makeup to not look washed out, and not too much to make you not feel yourself.