New Faces, Self Introduction and Inside Scoop on MBDulin

Hi friends, 
We have some new faces so I wanted to introduce myself and get you the inside scoop on MBDulin. Here are 3 fun facts about me:

I am a boy mom of 2 #dulin boys…

an almost 13 year old son, and a 10 year old. they are currently doing some digital school action, but fingers crossed, we may be diving into hybrid soon!!! they are both in love with gaming- especially minecraft. I’m going with the assumption, that this is going to increase their chances of computer programming as they get older and think about careers! LOL! have some awesome mommy friends? share this email with them so they can join the fun!

I love to GROW!!!!

I believe that growth is a part of life, if you aren’t growing your dying… so I work on my growth daily. My biggest focus is to grow as an entrepreneur building everything you see on my website: my personal brand, my sales business, coaching my team, my community, and the way I think. That last one is KEY! without focusing on your brain, and how you think, nothing else will grow. YOU are a part of the community growth- Thank you!!

3 things I’m in LOVE with : 

  1. Reading, especially romance books taking place in the late 1700’s Hello Bridgerton
  2. Coffee and Vodka. one for the morning, one for Happy hour, balance my friends, its all about balance- LOL
  3. Peloton app- no I don’t have the full Peloton bike… I’ve never spun, so I couldn’t justify getting one without making sure I loved it, I got a knock off and figured out I’m in LOVE… It’s next on my list!!! I do love the app though, because you can take it outside on walks, you can spin with it, and you can do weights, yoga and stretching!!!!
Thanks for visiting, Pink hugs, MB
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