Willie Meat! (Mississippi Pot Roast)

My neighbor called & told me he had a really good pot roast recipe and wanted me to try it… I was blown away at the taste and flavor! 
Of course I want to make it for my family which turned out to be a hit. The whole neighborhood now makes it, and the new name is now “Willie meat“. Yes, some people call it Mississippi pot roast, but not in our cul-de-sac 😂 We give props to the one who introduced us to this delicious recipe. 
My family likes it served with buttered egg noodles, pouring the meat and liquid on top. Willie and his family love it with mashed potatoes I’ve even heard some people enjoying it with white rice. During keto or whole 30, I made some cauliflower rice to have with it. Long story short, it’s ALL good!! 
You must give it a try- I bet it will be your family favorite too. Let me know your thoughts! 
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