Bridal make up

Makeup Artist for my BIG day?

CIs paying for a makeup artist REALLY worth it?

Lets take a few different looks into this question… would you pay for a photographer or have friends take iphone pics? Would you pay for a DJ or let someone hook up to a blue tooth speaker? There is a difference between amateur and professional, this is apparent in how your makeup (and hair) looks.

A lot of weddings take place in the warmer months, if your like us, in MD, it can be crazy HOT and humid at any moment. Layer that with nerves, and hundreds of guests and you can get pretty shiny and sweaty. ENTER, makeup artist, she brings with her foundation primer, matte wear foundation, setting powder, and her secret weapon, finishing spray. She understands how to layer without looking cakey, and still keeping you looking like YOU. *THAT* is the key! I don’t ever want someone looking back at pictures and saying “oh! that blue eye shadow was SO 1970.”

She is also powdering and mattifying you so that a huge glare doesn’t take away from all your beautiful prep. No photographer wants to be avoiding a shiny glare on your forehead.

SO, to answer your question, perhaps you don’t need to pay for a professional…. but what will your pictures say in 25 years? Some food for thought.

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