How I Plan a New Month

At the beginning of the month, I always *try* to take some time to reflect on last month. I sit down with a pad of paper and ask myself these questions.
1. Went great?
2. What didn’t go well?
3. What can I change for this month to make it better?
I build the answers to these questions into my goals and schedules for this month.
Next, I go through my calendar ( I’m a physical planner gal with a mix of Ical. My favorite Planner is the Happy Stripe 2023 Daily Simplified Planner)
2023 Daily Simplified Planner
I highlight My work schedule, My family schedule and My kids’ school activities. I have recently found this list that I want to incorporate into my monthly plan. I love the BALANCED mindset this list helps to create, having to schedule in “me” time to really help focus on myself and the people who are truly important to me.
Do you do this? Schedule in time for yourself? If not, this month would be a perfect time to start!
Happy Month beginning!
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