A Century of Fitness With Peloton App & Bike

9 months ago I got a knock off bike and the @onepeloton app. I started spinning only because some friends were doing it and it seemed like a great way to work out at home. 2 months later I upgraded to my peloton bike… OHHHH what a difference!!
I’ve never been a spinner, I’ve never been all that consistent with working out, BUT I LOVE tracking and results! Thanks to the app & bike, I’ve averaged 3x spins per week for 9 months, and yesterday I got a shoutout for my century ride!
Thanks to my competitive friends who pushed me to do better because of the damn Leaderboard! Thanks to my cult-like-pelo-neighborhood who pushed me to make this purchase ( peer pressure at its best 🤪)
I’m 100% drinking the koolaid and loving the results #peloton #pelotonbike #obsessedspinner #narrowthunder
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