Zaching against cancer and Mary Kay

Thank you to our local donors who together donated over 300 Chemo Care Packages for the Zach packs!

A special thanks to Simply The Best Painting and Precision Exteriors for their generosity!

The reason I was so excited to partner with Zaching Against Cancer is because I knew they would make sure these items went to local patients who would need and use them. Unfortunately, in the past, we have had the concern of the items not getting directly into the patients hands. I love how community focused Zaching is and how they are the “neighborhood” charitable foundation everyone around here knows. Whether it’s a friend of a friend who knew Zach, or his family who is involved in so much, the name has so much recognition, and everyone was so excited to help with this project. 

  • Emollient Cream is wonderfully thick and hydrating. It’s great for putting on right before bed on your hands, feet, elbows, and heels. ( we keep ours right by the bedside table for night application)
  • Satin Hand Cream or mint bliss cream is great to bring along during the day in your backpack or purse. It’s perfect after washing your hands or using hand sanitizer. They include shea butter, which helps with keeping the hydration in!

A little about Mary beth Dulin:

I’ve been a Sales Director with Mary Kay for 16 years. I love being able to teach women how to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin using skincare and makeup. Virtual appointments are so much fun these days. I customize a free sample pack, mail it to you, then we walk through the pampering via FB, zoom or Facetime. I love the virtual community that this has created over the last 2 years. Want to learn more or follow me? Check out my website: 

Thank you again to everyone who helped to donate towards this amazing project:

Sal, Allison, Karen, Par, Margaret, Harry, Barbara, Mike, Dianne, Kitty Deane, Beverly, Randy, Denise, Chris, Pam, Nate, Dan, Leigh, Marty, Ashlie, Katie, Willie, Julia, Lucas, Chris, Jennum, David, Rob, Jeff, Jennifer, Nirit, Alison, Kathleen, SHelley, Cristy, Marlee, Shannon, Lynne, Ruth, Kathy, & Julie

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