The 2nd month of ALLLLL Virtual….

As we move into the 2nd month of my business ALL virtual, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to share. I’ve seen how easily it is to slide into a yucky head space on rainy cold days, but yet how much of a mood booster a sunny day can be. I’m amazed at how many people in my neighborhood walk around on weekends when we are forced to be quarantined. I have seen example after example of how important and necessary human ( in person or virtual) interaction is.

It is one of our fundamental NEEDS as a human, and as a community. Having interaction with other humans, feeling and experiencing the same things were are experiencing, is paramount in “living” one day to the next. We are seeing it with virtual happy hours, with weekly extended family check ins, with zooming old friends we haven’t reached out to in a while. We are missing the every day interactions in the neighborhood, and birthdays of friends and family members, even gym classes and work outs are virtually connecting us. We are dying for interaction, and connection. I’ve known this for a while, how important connection is, but it seems that COVID-19 is highlighting it in bold sharpie for all of us to re-read.

My business, Mary Kay Skin Care and Cosmetics, is a vehicle for connection. Its a vehicle for women to get together in a positive environment and cheer each other on, to love and teach each other in a safe place. Its a place where women can come with a “naked face” and understand the ‘how to’ of taking good care of her skin. Its the safe place where she can ask a “dumb” question that she would feel embarrassed to ask at the makeup counter at Nordstrom. Its the support system of accountability to wash your face each night, even when you are tired or fell asleep on the couch. This is the #girltribe mentality that we empower, that I want every client to feel. the safety and security and support.

Join us during the month of May, virtually, to feel this connection! Until 7 weeks ago, I didn’t realize we could connect virtually so well. Now, I continue to grow this muscle to try, very hard, to make us being together virtually, just as good as face to face!


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