You’re never fully dressed without… lipstick!

You're never fully dressed without lipstick - Mary Beth Dulin There’s power in the perfect lip color! #MyMKLife #MKBeautifulMoments You can’t finish a look without the perfect lipstick and gloss! I also think you can’t complete the look without a smile 🙂 ” you’re never fully dressed without a smile” Here I’m wearing Powerful Pink lipstick with Pink Ballerina lip gloss. I love layering lipsticks and glosses because you can tone up or down the lipstick color based on the gloss. How do you feel while wearing a strong lip color? Confident? Empowered? Beautiful? Do you walk a little taller? #powerful #bosslady It’s a proven fact that people pause and look at women wearing lipstick for just a moment longer than those who don’t. Consider that when you decide to skip it at the next big event or meeting. I want you to have ALL the time and attention you deserve when talking and presenting.
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