Bingo AND Beauty

So, I was thinking, when’s the last time you did something for you? Stress free and fun?!

Did you know, games like Bingo are said to reduce the risk of depression and act as a catalyst during healing time after illness, injury or surgery?

For example, in a recent study those that played games during recovery time, had shorter hospital stays. Yep, that’s right. They went home and were feeling better, quicker. That’s how good for the soul, a little stress-free fun can be! I think we can all agree, we could use some more “feel goods”, these days.

Last month, we hosted a Virtual Beauty & Bingo event where me and roughly 117 of my friends & customers hopped on zoom for some lighthearted fun!


I know, I know, you might be thinking “I cannot do another ZOOM”…right?! But, let me tell you, we had THE BEST time laughing and winning. There were so many giveaways! The giveaways included deluxe minis of some of our best sellers, full size products and adorable cosmetic bags for those that scheduled their own virtual girls night in. We laughed, we won free stuff and got excited to do it again! So we are… and you’re invited!

Mark your calendar for October 15th @ 8pm est! RSVP to snag your bingo card!



Count down to virtual School….

If your area is anything like mine, we are in the final stages of setting up for virtual school… In our house, we had to create a specific area for school work, I didn’t want them working in their bedrooms. We had to have a place for school work to “live” so it didn’t end up all over the house. Finally, we had to get “fun” seating choices, thank you neighborhood for a yoga ball chair- who knew?! I have 7th and 5th grade boys, and to say I am nervous, concerned, or terrified, is an understatement. 1st Details are NOT my thing, 2nd teaching children… not my thing either. and 3rd, loosely strung together schedule with everyone home?!? you guessed it, not my thing either. SO MANY pieces to this next chapter that has no track record or expectations…. I’m TRYING to find the silver lining.

As with everything COVID-19 related, I really work hard at trying to find that silver lining, this said lining may just be one centimeter long, but man, I try to find it! In this case, I don’t have to get the kids up early- commuting time is down to 0. I don’t have to make breakfast before they start class, they can eat and work at the same time! And, shoot, we only need to be dressed from the waist up! Anything more than that is beyond me right now. I’m going into this virtual school storm with my umbrella hoping it will keep me dry. Thank goodness everyone else in the country is going through a similar experience. God Speed.