Brand New product launch!! I am so excited!

I am so excited for our Fall new Product launch- I have been able to play with these new lip glosses for the last few weeks and I’m in LOVE! I love the new colors, the new applicator, and the new tubes!

The Foil eye shadows have so much pigment and sparkle!

I will be showing these, and more, on our Virtual beauty bag FB group. Join us for all the virtual fun:

Amazing Fall products are in and available. Be among the first to have these great new products!

NEW! Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss, $16 each

Silky gloss that’s never sticky, never tacky and perfectly glossy. Available in three finishes and 14 shades for any skin tone and any occasion.
Limited supply!!

Limited supply – while supplies last ? Don’t miss out on these amazing limited-edition Fall products!

NEW! Limited-Edition Mary Kay Foil Eye Shadow Duo, $18 each

Two striking shades offer a reflective, full-on foil finish for sophisticated sparkle. Available in “Copper & Pyrite” and “Pink & Purple.”


NEW! Limited-Edition Mary Kay At Play Color Correcting Stick, $14

Use this new purple stick to neutralize yellow to help wake up your face and have less tired-looking skin.

NEW! Limited-Edition Mary Kay Cream Blush Duo Stick, $18 each

Creamy cheek combos that blend effortlessly across cheeks. These sticks feature a matte side and a shimmery side for naturally blushing cheeks and added dimension. Available in “Pink & Glimmer” and “Mauve & Shimmer.”


Mary Kay Hydrogel Eye Patches, $40, pk./30 pairs
Treat your skin to a burst of cooling hydration. These pick-me-up patches, which contain glycerin to moisturize and help with water loss, gently hug the eye area to lock in benefits and help with the look of puffiness and dullness. Wait 20 tranquil minutes as the patches work their magic.

Check your makeup bag!! Are you running low on any of your favorites and need to reorder?  I can answer any questions you may have. Let me know how I can help! ?


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Let not forget about the fathers… or the men!

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s a great time to think about our fathers, and ALL the men in our lives. Men’s skin has a different PH than women’s, which is why Mary Kay has a skin care line specific for their skin. We have a cleanser which is a light, gel, to cleanse their face. An SPF lotion for moisturizing with sun protection, an eye cream ( Because they need to keep up with looking young to hang with us ladies) and a shave foam.

For this week ONLY, until the big day, Sunday 6/21, this skin care set, normally $81 is on sale for $64!!!

We have a money back guarantee- so if for some reason it doesn’t work out for him, we can return it.

Now is the time to treat him to a great skin care system specifically for HIM.


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3 makeup mistakes NOT TO MAKE on your wedding day

The last thing you want to do, is look back in 25 years and see a picture from your wedding day and think to yourself, ” wow…. that was SOOOO 2020″ We’ve all have done this at pictures from the ’80’s and ’90’s. Lets stop that mistake in its tracks!

Mistake #1: DON’T THINK YOU CAN DO IT ALL!!! you can’t coordinate 7,000 pieces going at once, get ready on time, micromanage everyone, and still apply your makeup looking flawless…. Just leave it to the professional. You can’t easily control the consistency of all of your brides maids makeup looks!

Mistake #2: Make sure you use the correct products!!! Primer, correct foundation color, setting powder, setting spray, The lights and cameras will show everything! We can’t have shine, we can’t have glare! You certainly don’t want to sweat your makeup off!!! This is knowledge that your makeup artist can help you with.

Mistake #3: DON’T look washed out! You need to wear ENOUGH makeup! Make sure you are highlighting your favorite features.


3 Tips to GREAT wedding day makeup:

Tip 1: SKIN CAREEEEEEEEE gotta take great care of your skin! Take this time while we are at home to treat yo’self!

Tip 2:  Timeless makeup. See above… I don’t need to repeat 1980…. LOL!

Tip 3. Feel like yourself, Yes we will use a bit more than normal, but you still need to feel comfortable in your own skin. If you think false lashes are going to bug your eyes, don’t wear them, it will be the perfect balance of enough makeup to not look washed out, and not too much to make you not feel yourself.



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Makeup Artist for my BIG day?

CIs paying for a makeup artist REALLY worth it?

Lets take a few different looks into this question… would you pay for a photographer or have friends take iphone pics? Would you pay for a DJ or let someone hook up to a blue tooth speaker? There is a difference between amateur and professional, this is apparent in how your makeup (and hair) looks.

A lot of weddings take place in the warmer months, if your like us, in MD, it can be crazy HOT and humid at any moment. Layer that with nerves, and hundreds of guests and you can get pretty shiny and sweaty. ENTER, makeup artist, she brings with her foundation primer, matte wear foundation, setting powder, and her secret weapon, finishing spray. She understands how to layer without looking cakey, and still keeping you looking like YOU. *THAT* is the key! I don’t ever want someone looking back at pictures and saying “oh! that blue eye shadow was SO 1970.”

She is also powdering and mattifying you so that a huge glare doesn’t take away from all your beautiful prep. No photographer wants to be avoiding a shiny glare on your forehead.

SO, to answer your question, perhaps you don’t need to pay for a professional…. but what will your pictures say in 25 years? Some food for thought.