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I am hosting virtual holiday coffee dates

I’m so excited! For November, I am hosting virtual holiday coffee dates ☕️

You get to relax at home with a mask and eye patches on, while we look at the biggest selling holiday gift ideas…. all virtual!
Grab 3-5 friends and let’s book your 30 minute zoom appointment!

* Anyone who books an appt will receive a FREE mint bliss foot lotion & cozy sock combo! (even if nobody shows up)

** P.S. BIGGGGGG hostess perks- in addition to above gift- just for you having this type of event in November!

Hostess Rewards Free Satin Hands

join my mascara club

Let’s continue the “mask” theme since it’s Halloween 2020

Let’s continue the “mask” theme since it’s Halloween 2020 ?

Now is the time to enroll into my Mask-ara Club!

**This is one of my VIP Perks:
Your new mascara will be auto- shipped to you every 3 months along with fun samples each time!
(no need to think about re-ordering)

Plus, check out the “add on items” you can add to your Mascara Club auto ship. they are at a sweet bundled discount!

One of the most important things you can do to reduce the speed of aging around your eyes and to take care of the health of your eyes is to replace your mascara every 3 months (regardless of how much you used) and to take your eye makeup off E.V.E.R.Y. night before bed!
Purchase the whole year supply, and receive a FREE eye makeup remover!!!

Healthy eyes = happy eyes



Bingo AND Beauty

So, I was thinking, when’s the last time you did something for you? Stress free and fun?!

Did you know, games like Bingo are said to reduce the risk of depression and act as a catalyst during healing time after illness, injury or surgery?

For example, in a recent study those that played games during recovery time, had shorter hospital stays. Yep, that’s right. They went home and were feeling better, quicker. That’s how good for the soul, a little stress-free fun can be! I think we can all agree, we could use some more “feel goods”, these days.

Last month, we hosted a Virtual Beauty & Bingo event where me and roughly 117 of my friends & customers hopped on zoom for some lighthearted fun!


I know, I know, you might be thinking “I cannot do another ZOOM”…right?! But, let me tell you, we had THE BEST time laughing and winning. There were so many giveaways! The giveaways included deluxe minis of some of our best sellers, full size products and adorable cosmetic bags for those that scheduled their own virtual girls night in. We laughed, we won free stuff and got excited to do it again! So we are… and you’re invited!

Mark your calendar for October 15th @ 8pm est! RSVP to snag your bingo card!



Brand New product launch!! I am so excited!

I am so excited for our Fall new Product launch- I have been able to play with these new lip glosses for the last few weeks and I’m in LOVE! I love the new colors, the new applicator, and the new tubes!

The Foil eye shadows have so much pigment and sparkle!

I will be showing these, and more, on our Virtual beauty bag FB group. Join us for all the virtual fun:

Amazing Fall products are in and available. Be among the first to have these great new products!

NEW! Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss, $16 each

Silky gloss that’s never sticky, never tacky and perfectly glossy. Available in three finishes and 14 shades for any skin tone and any occasion.
Limited supply!!

Limited supply – while supplies last ? Don’t miss out on these amazing limited-edition Fall products!

NEW! Limited-Edition Mary Kay Foil Eye Shadow Duo, $18 each

Two striking shades offer a reflective, full-on foil finish for sophisticated sparkle. Available in “Copper & Pyrite” and “Pink & Purple.”


NEW! Limited-Edition Mary Kay At Play Color Correcting Stick, $14

Use this new purple stick to neutralize yellow to help wake up your face and have less tired-looking skin.

NEW! Limited-Edition Mary Kay Cream Blush Duo Stick, $18 each

Creamy cheek combos that blend effortlessly across cheeks. These sticks feature a matte side and a shimmery side for naturally blushing cheeks and added dimension. Available in “Pink & Glimmer” and “Mauve & Shimmer.”


Mary Kay Hydrogel Eye Patches, $40, pk./30 pairs
Treat your skin to a burst of cooling hydration. These pick-me-up patches, which contain glycerin to moisturize and help with water loss, gently hug the eye area to lock in benefits and help with the look of puffiness and dullness. Wait 20 tranquil minutes as the patches work their magic.

Check your makeup bag!! Are you running low on any of your favorites and need to reorder?  I can answer any questions you may have. Let me know how I can help! ?


See the links below for more product specific information:
Sun Care Basics:
Botanical Effects Skincare:
Naturally Skin Care:
Microderm+ Set:
Repair Set:
Clear Proof:
TimeWise Miracle Set 3D:
Bio-Cellulose Mask:
Vitamin C Squares:
Charcoal Mask:

Please call me for..




Let not forget about the fathers… or the men!

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s a great time to think about our fathers, and ALL the men in our lives. Men’s skin has a different PH than women’s, which is why Mary Kay has a skin care line specific for their skin. We have a cleanser which is a light, gel, to cleanse their face. An SPF lotion for moisturizing with sun protection, an eye cream ( Because they need to keep up with looking young to hang with us ladies) and a shave foam.

For this week ONLY, until the big day, Sunday 6/21, this skin care set, normally $81 is on sale for $64!!!

We have a money back guarantee- so if for some reason it doesn’t work out for him, we can return it.

Now is the time to treat him to a great skin care system specifically for HIM.


Mary beth Dulin Eyes

3 makeup mistakes NOT TO MAKE on your wedding day

The last thing you want to do, is look back in 25 years and see a picture from your wedding day and think to yourself, ” wow…. that was SOOOO 2020″ We’ve all have done this at pictures from the ’80’s and ’90’s. Lets stop that mistake in its tracks!

Mistake #1: DON’T THINK YOU CAN DO IT ALL!!! you can’t coordinate 7,000 pieces going at once, get ready on time, micromanage everyone, and still apply your makeup looking flawless…. Just leave it to the professional. You can’t easily control the consistency of all of your brides maids makeup looks!

Mistake #2: Make sure you use the correct products!!! Primer, correct foundation color, setting powder, setting spray, The lights and cameras will show everything! We can’t have shine, we can’t have glare! You certainly don’t want to sweat your makeup off!!! This is knowledge that your makeup artist can help you with.

Mistake #3: DON’T look washed out! You need to wear ENOUGH makeup! Make sure you are highlighting your favorite features.


3 Tips to GREAT wedding day makeup:

Tip 1: SKIN CAREEEEEEEEE gotta take great care of your skin! Take this time while we are at home to treat yo’self!

Tip 2:  Timeless makeup. See above… I don’t need to repeat 1980…. LOL!

Tip 3. Feel like yourself, Yes we will use a bit more than normal, but you still need to feel comfortable in your own skin. If you think false lashes are going to bug your eyes, don’t wear them, it will be the perfect balance of enough makeup to not look washed out, and not too much to make you not feel yourself.



Photo Mar 22, 11 53 41 AM

WINO anyone??






Who needs a moment for herself?! request your FREE WINOS kit! Free skin care samples mailed to your doorstep, with a zoom or FB live tutorial customized for you!

BONUS: try out the “Mary Kay Skin Analyzer” App and send me the results for a $10 gift certificate at your Virtual Pampering session!!! DOUBLE IT when you share it with 2 of your favorite WINOS!

request your WINOS kit here:











Photo Apr 15, 8 04 02 PM

Welcome to “The Beauty Bar”

Welcome to our Beauty Bar, nestled in the Roosevelt Commons Building, in Elkridge, MD.

We host Makeovers, Skin Care Consultations, Bridal Trials, & Consultant Training.



I got to decorate this space, and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I had a blast picking up decor for the “feature wall” as seen below. 

This picture is a consultants 1st party! We had so much fun teaching them how to wash their face and take great care of their skin.

Mary beth Dulin Beauty Bar

Below is an event we hosted at Valentines day. It was an event focusing on pampering yourself through a healthy lifestyle. Our featured speaker was Fit with Nirit chatting with us about healthy ideas.

Check her out here:

I’m in LOVE with these Chairs!!! Found them at a garage sale – they 100% spoke to me, LOL!

Come and take a seat when you check us out at the Beauty Bar.




The 2nd month of ALLLLL Virtual….

As we move into the 2nd month of my business ALL virtual, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to share. I’ve seen how easily it is to slide into a yucky head space on rainy cold days, but yet how much of a mood booster a sunny day can be. I’m amazed at how many people in my neighborhood walk around on weekends when we are forced to be quarantined. I have seen example after example of how important and necessary human ( in person or virtual) interaction is.

It is one of our fundamental NEEDS as a human, and as a community. Having interaction with other humans, feeling and experiencing the same things were are experiencing, is paramount in “living” one day to the next. We are seeing it with virtual happy hours, with weekly extended family check ins, with zooming old friends we haven’t reached out to in a while. We are missing the every day interactions in the neighborhood, and birthdays of friends and family members, even gym classes and work outs are virtually connecting us. We are dying for interaction, and connection. I’ve known this for a while, how important connection is, but it seems that COVID-19 is highlighting it in bold sharpie for all of us to re-read.

My business, Mary Kay Skin Care and Cosmetics, is a vehicle for connection. Its a vehicle for women to get together in a positive environment and cheer each other on, to love and teach each other in a safe place. Its a place where women can come with a “naked face” and understand the ‘how to’ of taking good care of her skin. Its the safe place where she can ask a “dumb” question that she would feel embarrassed to ask at the makeup counter at Nordstrom. Its the support system of accountability to wash your face each night, even when you are tired or fell asleep on the couch. This is the #girltribe mentality that we empower, that I want every client to feel. the safety and security and support.

Join us during the month of May, virtually, to feel this connection! Until 7 weeks ago, I didn’t realize we could connect virtually so well. Now, I continue to grow this muscle to try, very hard, to make us being together virtually, just as good as face to face!


E-start Program

Mary Kay’s E-start Program: Start a Business for $30!

Have you ever thought over the last 6 weeks, it would be fun to have a side gig to make some extra money?

Have you ever considered a side gig would be a great “stimulus check” Have you thought of the cost savings for purchasing your MK products at Wholesale vs Retail?

Have you considered the tax advantages of starting a side gig over this time?

Have you though of setting up the side gig, then have it working for you when we go back to “real” life?

Have you though of setting up the side gig, then have it working for you These are ALL reasons to consider this amazing opportunity. Mary Kay Corp just created the E-start program to literally begin this business for $30 and see where it takes you! If you Love the products, you can do this! Your sharing these with the people you are communicating with each day or week. We all need some self care, and during quarantine more people are taking the time for that. Some good food for thought. Please let me know if I can answer any questions. 

Have you though of setting up the side gig, then have it working for you *** I have a SPECIAL sign on bonus for the 1st 4 people to get rocking in April and try this out!