Virtual Holiday gift giving ideas

Check out my Virtual Holiday gift giving ideas! watch my 8 minute video below. Love it? feel free to pass the link along to friends!

Beauty Sleep Sunday

Have you ever wanted to learn what products are best for your skin?

Have you wanted a tutorial on HOW and WHY we use certain products in conjunction with others? Have you wanted a FULLY visual, comprehensive, step by step walk through of how to apply and remove the products?  Welcome to Beauty Sleep Sunday! This interactive FB live event will walk you thought how to use the samples in your complimentary beauty bag to pamper your ...

Daily Gratuity

Daily Gratuity

“..Research has found that people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:” - Who Not How- Dan Sullivan    Look at these benefits!!! I want these in my life daily! Why are we not spewing out gratitude all day every day?! Gratitude attracts and creates abundance ?? Have you considered writing down what you are grateful for each morning to beg ...

Deven's Deals

Schedule your Glam Slam session with me, virtually or in person for July!

Happy New Year! July 1st begins the new fiscal year for my business, the clock is set at zero and the slate is wiped clean- what a feeling!! To begin this year on the right foot, I have partnered with a local networker who has some amazing local deals to offer. I’m advertising with her, and partnering with some of her clients for events.  My spotlight “Deven’s ...